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Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Academic Performance/Course Progress

All international students are required to maintain satisfactory academic performance/course progress in their studies so that they are able to complete their studies within their specified visa duration. (Trainer/Assessors will advise students on their unit progress where requested)

As per international student visa requirements satisfactory academic performance/course progress is when a student achieves and maintains a minimum 50% pass rate for all units enrolled in a study period. As defined at ACOT a study period is defined as 22 study weeks or two terms plus term breaks.

During each term within a study period each student’s academic performance/course progress will be monitored through the use of data from ACOT’s student management system, WiseNet. Reports generated from WiseNet will be used to identify whether a student is “at risk” of falling below the required academic performance/course progress level or has already fallen below the level. Staff including the Director of Studies, trainers/assessors and student administration will meet to discuss each student and implement an intervention process during week 7 of each term and during week one of each term break. This process is aimed at assisting each student to achieve satisfactory academic performance/course progress at ACOT.

For more details of the process and procedure please consult page 8 of the ACOT International Student Handbook. Click the link below to view and or print a copy.

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Academic Progress Policy

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