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Pre-departure Information

Melbourne Information: As Australia’s second largest city, there is always something to do. The pleasant climate, safe environment and reasonable living cots make this an outstanding place to study. Melbourne’s city Centre has exciting shopping facilities in the CBD such as Melbourne Central and the QV Centre, with stores that offer the best of international and Australian goods. There are many cinemas, theatres, cafes, restaurants and entertainment centers in the heart of the city, as well as in close- suburbs. Melbourne has a thriving interest in the arts, with a performing Arts Centre and substantial Art Gallery.

Top Attractions: Attractions near the campus include Melbourne Zoo, the Royal Botanic Gardens, the MCG, the Tennis Centre, Docklands, Telstra Dome and Eureka Tower, famous heritage sites, Queen Victoria Market and the largest museum in Australia.

Public Transportation: You can get around Melbourne by bus, train or tram. Overall, these services are regular and very reliable. All information relating to transport around Melbourne including fares and timetables can be found at

Driving: Australians drive on the left had side of the road. The Maximum speed limit is between 100 and 110 km/h on some roads outside cities, and 50km/h in urban areas. Australia is notorious for its speeding fines, so make sure you keep to the speed limit. Seat belts must be worn by drivers and all passengers at all times. The minimum age for driving varies from state to state – make sure you check – bit its generally 17 or 18. Car rental companies may require you to be older. If you hold a license to drive a car in your home country and would like to drive in Australia, you will probably need to get an Australian State license. You may also need to do a practical test. For more details visit

Mobile Phones: There are numerous mobile providers in Australia, all offering different plans and services. Telstra, Optus, VODA, are three of the larger providers, but there are many others.

Email and Internet: There are many internet providers in Australia but the two main ones are Telstra and Optus Net Cable. The best way to find a complete listing of Internet providers is to do a search for ‘internet Access Providers’ in the Australian Yellow pages or Google.

Mail: Australian Post is the national postal service provider. There are post offices located in most Australian suburbs and shopping centers. Services include postage of letters, faxes parcels, money orders and a bill paying service. For more information visit –

Banking: To open an Australian bank account you will need to take along some identification (ID), such as passport, a birth certificate, and/ or a driver’s license. Your bank can tell you exactly what you will need to bring. You will also need to provide your ta file number (TFN) so that you can be identified for tax purposes. While this is not essential, if you do not provide your TFN, any interest your accounts earn will be taxed at the highest rate.

Tax File Number (TFN): Tax file numbers (TFNS) are unique numbers issued by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to identify individuals, companies and others who lodge income tax returns. All international students are considered as a ‘resident’ for tax purposes after they have lived in Australia for more than 6 months. Application forms can be downloaded from the Australian Tax (ATO) web site.

Money: To cover your initial expenses, we recommend you bring at least A$2000,00 so you can open and deposit into your new Australian bank account.

Housing: Approximate cost per week (AUD) – Homestay prices (Single room) varies from $165 – $300.

Budgeting: In addition to your fees, you will be responsible for planning and budgeting your living cost. For an estimate cost of living please visit –

Emergency contact details: There are many legal and support services available to students in Melbourne. Most of these are provided free of charge to anyone seeking help. Police, Fire & Ambulance dial 000

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