student support and welfare at acot

Student Support Services

A student contact person, normally your Pastoral Trainer will be assigned to you on enrolling at ACOT. This will provide every student with a “go to” person who will help them adjust to the initial requirements of their course. In the case of International students, the Pastoral Trainer has a pivotal role in assisting them to cope with the many challenges they face when studying away from their home country. Every effort is made to assist all students to make the transition to their new surroundings and help them feel at home while assisting them to meet course progress requirements.

Consumer protection
This agreement, and the availability of our internal complaints and appeals processes, does not remove your right to act under Australia’s consumer protection laws.

Your personal information
There are some circumstances in which personal information about students may be shared between the Australian College of Trade Pty Ltd and the Australian Government and designated authorities and, if personal and contact details, course enrolment details and changes, and the circumstance of any suspected breach by the student of a student visa condition.

Statements of Attainment
You are entitled, at no additional cost, to a formal Statement of Attainment on withdrawal, cancellation or transfer, prior to completing the qualification, provided you have paid in full for the tuition related to the units of competency as listed on your Statement of Attainment.

Induction and Orientation
We conduct an extensive program for the benefit of our new students. It provides current information on studying at ACOT and living in Australia. This is conducted during the first day of course commencement. The program covers detailed information on enrolment, the college, tuition fees, immigration, health cover and much more. Its purpose is to inform new students of most aspects of life at the college.

Academic Honesty
While you are studying at the Australian College of Trade Pty Ltd. You must not engage in any activity that involves attempting to receive a grade for course work assessments by means other than honest effort, for example:

You must not, knowingly, procure, provide, or accept, any materials that contain questions, or answers to any examination, or assignment, to be given at a subsequent time.

  • You must not complete, in part, or in total, any examination, or assignments for another person.
  • You must not plagiarize, or copy, the work of another person and submit it has your own work.
  • You must employ unauthorized aids when undertaking course work.
  • You must not alter any previously graded class assignments, or examinations, and then re-submit them for re-grading without proper authorization and specific direction.
  • You must not provide your assignments, in part, or in total, to any other student in current or future classes of the course.
  • You must not procure, or accept, assignments from current, or prior, classes of the course.
  • You must not use other student’s course work assessments, in part or in total, to develop, complete, or correct, your course work assessments.


Calendar Security Course



The course will be conducted over 18 days. 5 days online and 13 days face to face
on campus.

Week 1 Days 1 to 4 face to face
Week 2 Days 5 to 9 online
Week 3 Days 10 to 14 face to face
Week 4 Day 15 to 18 Face to face