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How to Apply

6 Easy Steps

Our online application is personalised and easy to use. Once you submit your information one of our staff will contact you.

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The application process – You (or an authorised education agent acting on your behalf) can complete your application form and provide a completed printed form to one of our representatives. Download Application Form

> Fill out the student application form provide the following documentary evidence to support your application information.

> Scanned or printed copy of your passport

> Academic Qualifications

> Certificate containing your English proficiency

> OSHC Overseas Student Health Cover

> Copies of any previously issued enrolments. Where applicable cancelled ecoe/s and/or release letter/s.

*Please note that you must have an unique student identifier (USI) before an offer letter can be issued. You can create your USI (If you do not yet have one) by visiting

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Letter of offer – Once your documentation has been received; ACOT will issue you with a formal “Letter of Offer” and an International Student Enrolment Acceptance Agreement..

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Sign and date the International Student Enrolment Acceptance Agreement – and then return to ACOT.

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Pay course fees – You will be asked to pay for 1 semester in advance and send a copy of your receipt to your contact at ACOT.

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Confirmation of Enrolment – Australian College of Trade will provide evidence of your enrolment by creating CoE/s (Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment).  This evidence is required prior to issuing of a student visa by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

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Student Visa Issued and applicant will commence their studies at Australian College of Trade.

*All International students must be 18 years of age, or older, and have satisfactorily completed year 11 or an equivalent level.

A proficiency in English language level or its equivalent is required for all international students.

IELTS score (Academic version) of 5.5 overall band- or equivalent, with no individual band lower than 5, or equivalent.

*International Students, please note:

If one of the following applies, you do not need to provide evidence of an English Test score:

  • you are enrolled in full-time school studies as a principal course including in a secondary exchange program, a postgraduate research course, a standalone English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS), and Foreign Affairs or Defence sponsored students
  • you have completed at least five years’ study in one or more of the following countries: Australia, UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, or the Republic of Ireland
  • you are a citizen and hold a passport from UK, USA, Canada, NZ or Republic of Ireland
  • in the two years before applying for the student visa, you completed, in Australia and in the English language, either the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education or a substantial component of a course leading to a qualification from the Australian Qualifications Framework at the Certificate IV or higher level, while you held a student visa.

International Student Application and Acceptance Forms

To view the Student Application Form which has details about enrolment and the Student Acceptance Form which is required for enrolment, please click on the appropriate text below

International Student Handbook

ACOT Administration Process at Enrolment

  1. As far as possible all applications and course enquiries will be dealt with in a timely
  2. All correctly completed application forms that do not require closer evaluation or additional information will be “turned-around” within 5 working days.
  3. A Student Contract (Acceptance Agreement) will be signed before tuition fees are handled and the student fully enrolled.
  4. Where additional information or evaluation is required it will be requested and/or evaluated within 5-working days.
  5. Students will be formally enrolled and a student number allocated on the student induction day (please see Enrolment Process Flowchart)
  6. A formal induction of students will occur preceding their commencement of classes (Orientation – ACOT Web site).
  7. A diagram of the Student Enrolment Process which outlines the process and timelines to be followed will be published and evaluated on a yearly basis (Induction Process Flowchart).
  8. Student applications from overseas jurisdictions will undergo a process to determine the status of academic qualifications. It is noted that if the student has obtained a student visa then there has a measure of validating the authenticity of the qualification through the process of gaining the visa.
  9. Other applications will be managed through the attached process.
  10. Where students apply with qualifications which fall outside of the mainstream awards issued by a jurisdictions they may be asked to validate the qualification (through) AEI-NOOSR at their cost.

Click here to view Enrolment Flow chart

Release of information to third parties and privacy
The information provided to the College by students will be treated with the strictest of confidence, and will only be released to third parties where there is a legal and/or regulatory requirement to do so. The College is obligated, in such circumstances, to provide student information to government agencies, either under a legal requirement, or for such purposes as the collection of statistical and survey data. Students are made aware of this in the Acceptance Agreement which they are required to sign.
The Australian ESOS Act:
All international students need to be aware of the ESOS framework, which is available electronically at
For more specific details please see the following link:
Admission Requirements for International Students
18 years or older at the commencement of the course
IELTS 5.5 or equivalent (test results must be no more than 2 years old)
Completed secondary studies in the student’s home country equivalent to an Australian Year 11 qualification or higher

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