assessments at acot

Assessment at ACOT

Due to the essential role that class activities play in the assessment of your competencies, full participation within each and every class is a crucial element of satisfactory academic progress. Without sufficient participation in class, your trainer/assessor will not be able to assess you in the numerous occasions and in the multiple ways required to deem you as competent.

Assessment will be centred on class activities and is competency based. Competency Based Assessment requires you to demonstrate particular skills, or groups of skills, on numerous occasions and in multiple ways. Each class will have its own unique assessment tasks which must be completed within the scheduled class time to demonstrate your competence.

These tasks will be delivered through the following methods:


Prior to commencing training in each unit of competency, students will be advised of assessment methods and the expectations for satisfactory completion of each assessment.

Assessment will include any, or all of the following, dependant on the requirements of the unit being attempted:

  • Written assignments; hand written or prepared in a variety of media such as MS word, MS Excel and MS Power Point
  • Research tasks such as market surveys and web based research
  • Oral questions
  • In class activities such as role plays and guided discussions
  • Field trips and excursions
  • Observations of practical assessment activities

Training and Assessment for ACOT’s practical hospitality classes is conducted in the fully embedded Thornbury Theatre, which is a large entertainment, event and function venue. The Theatre’s two commercial kitchens (for cookery students) and two large auditoriums (for front of house hospitality students) provide students the opportunity to prepare, cook and serve up to 1100 patrons in an industry realistic environment.

Individual assessments will be evaluated on specific criteria and deemed as either ‘S’ Satisfactory or ‘NS’ Not Satisfactory.

Each completed Unit of Competency will be graded as either ‘C’ Competent or ‘NYC’ Not Yet Competent

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