Please note that as of July 1st, 2020, Australian College of Trade will implement Attendance Monitoring for all enrolled students.

Attendance Policy

This policy and procedure is to ensure that all students who attend VET courses at Australian College of Trade maintain satisfactory course attendance, which can impact on students’ ability to achieve satisfactory learning outcomes and complete their studies within the expected duration in order to meet the requirements of the relevant training package.

Definition-“Attendance” means physically being in the classroom, simulated learning environment, or workplace, and being involved in learning activities organised by the trainers.

The minimum required level of attendance is 80% of scheduled sessions. Attendance will be reviewed weekly for the total duration of the course from the commencement date.

If students are found to have less than 80% satisfactory attendance for scheduled classes, the attendance roll will reflect that the students have unsatisfactory attendance.

Students will be contacted and asked to attend intervention meeting/s to formulate attendance improvement plan/s. For more detail please see Policy and Procedure attached.

Students noted with unsatisfactory attendance will be monitored. If the student continues to have unsatisfactory attendance and are not meeting their obligations under improvement plan/s, they will be issued warning letters for not meeting their attendance obligations. For international students this will lead to a Second Warning letter that advises the student of Australian College of Trade’s intention to suspend or cancel their enrolment and report them to the Department of Home Affairs via the PRISMS portal. This warning letter will advise the student of their right to access Australian College of Trade’s complaints and appeals process within 20 working days (plus two working days for postage and handling).

Reporting students to Department of Home Affairs through PRISMS is only applicable for international students based on unsatisfactory course progress.

For students under a Skills First funding program, suspension or cancellation of enrolment must be reported via SVTS as a withdrawal from the unit whilst the intervention and appeals process is in action. This may affect the students’ Skills First funding entitlement. This does not apply to full fee-paying domestic students.

The cancellation of the student’s enrolment cannot take effect until the appeal process is completed. Students are to continue to attend classes whilst the appeals processes are in action.

For more details please see the Attendance Policy as per the link below.

Attendance Policy & Procedure
Complaints and Appeals Policy & Procedure
Complaint Form

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