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ACOT CEO Alan Silver

CEO Message – Welcome

Dear Prospective students,

The Australian College of Trade at the Thornbury Theatre is a dynamic Centre of Education and Training. Our students enjoy the advantages and career opportunities offered by the unique setting of the elegant and popular Thornbury Theatre –  a leading Arts and Multicultural hub.

The Australian College of Trade staff are highly qualified, committed and experienced in providing students with an excellent academic grounding. Supporting students to successfully accomplish career goals is treated with primacy, by all our teaching staff.

We are focused, on ensuring that our students’ skills meet the current industry requirements and are confident we can help our students to thrive within their chosen industry. Students are trained to be contemporary, global citizens, able to accommodate the many differing needs of a culturally diverse community.
If you seek a qualification supported by industry, in an institution committed to excellence, embedded in a vibrant Hospitality and Performing Arts setting, I invite you to contact ACOT.

We will be happy to discuss how we can assist you to achieve your career ambitions

Best wishes for your future success.

Alan Silver
Chief Executive Officer
Australian College of Trade at the Thornbury Theatre


Calendar Security Course



The course will be conducted over 18 days. 5 days online and 13 days face to face
on campus.

Week 1 Days 1 to 4 face to face
Week 2 Days 5 to 9 online
Week 3 Days 10 to 14 face to face
Week 4 Day 15 to 18 Face to face