Course Deferment, Suspension or Cancellation

Deferral, Suspension or Cancellation may be initiated by either the student or by ACOT
Deferral, Suspension or Cancellation initiated by the Australian College of Trade
ACOT may defer commencement of a course when a course is not offered
ACOT may cancel or suspend a student’s enrolment in the following instances:

  • Student misbehaviour as outlined in Student code of Conduct (as per Student handbook)
  • Intervention strategy for unsatisfactory course progress.
  • Erratic course progress, for example, consistent unsatisfactory course progress in non-consecutive study periods or continuous absence from scheduled course hours
  • Student is not paying fees on time
  • Student takes leave of absence without approval
  • Student fails to enrol in any units of competency for a compulsory study period
  • The student does not return to study from a scheduled term or holiday break or following an approved leave of absence such as Deferment or suspension of studies

In cases where suspension or cancellation of the student’s enrolment is initiated by ACOT, students will be notified and given 20 working days to access ACOT’s internal complaints and appeals process (Student Complaints and Appeals Procedure).

  • The change in enrolment status will not be reported to the Department of Education and Training until the internal appeals process is completed.
  • Once the deferral, suspension or cancellation is processed, ACOT will notify the Department of Education and Training via PRISMS.

Student Initiated Deferral, Suspension or Cancellation
International students may defer commencement of a course or suspend or cancel their enrolment during their course in the following limited circumstances:

  • Delay in issuing of initial visa
  • Unavailability of a course or pre-requisite unit
  • On the grounds of compassionate or compelling circumstances (at the discretion of ACOT)

Compassionate and compelling circumstances
As per ESOS standards “Students may apply to ACOT for deferment or suspension of their studies if they have good reason for doing so (compassionate or compelling circumstances). ACOT may choose to grant or decline any student’s request for deferment or suspension of studies, in accordance with its documented procedures for assessing such requests.

Defer, Suspend or Cancel Enrolment Policy
Application to Defer or Suspend Enrolment
Application for Refund

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