Complaints and Appeals

ACOT seeks to prevent appeals by ensuring that students are satisfied with their training product and its outcomes.

Personnel are expected to be fair, courteous and helpful in all dealings with students. Any complaint about any Assessment will be treated seriously, investigated thoroughly, and dealt with according to the merit of the complaint.

The circumstances and results of any appeal are analysed by the Chief Operating Officer. All records of any appeal will be kept on file.

The student’s on-going enrolment will be maintained during the complaint and appeal process. Should the student not be satisfied with the result or conduct of this process ACOT will assist the student to access an external appeals process at minimal or no cost to the student.

Customer Complaints and Appeal Procedure:

The complaints procedure requires a complainant to agree to:

  1. Discussion with the relevant trainer about the complaints to resolve the issue.
  2. If the matter is unable to be resolved at this level, the complainant can formalise the complaint and the written complaints/appeal can be lodged with the CEO. At this level the complainant should be given an opportunity to present his or her views in person to the CEO, in support of the appeal. The outcome is to be reported and forwarded in writing to the complainant within seven days of the hearing.
  3. If the complaint is still unresolved, it may be referred to the Chief Operating Officer and an external mediator arranged.
  4. All complaints that are substantiated must be dealt with within the Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure to correct and improve the processes giving rise to complaints.

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