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Course Credits

Course Credit applications for Credit Transfer or Recognition of Prior Learning
Students requesting course credit for either Credit transfer (CT) or recognition of prior learning (RPL) need to document their claim in an appropriate manner and submit it for consideration. The details of the process are detailed in “AS6003 Provide Course Credit- Credit Transfer or Recognition of Prior Learning Policy and Procedure”.

Printable forms:
Application Form
Application for RPL/ Course Credit Policy and Procedure

Credit Transfer and Recognition of prior learning.
Approving Course credit via either Credit Transfer or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process that allows the studies, skills and abilities achieved by an applicant to be formally recognised. This could include similar courses or qualifications completed or partially completed with a different education provider, courses studied informally, skills obtained during the applicant’s working life or from other life experiences. Obtaining Credit Transfer approval will result in certain units of competency being removed from your program, because you are already competent in those areas.