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Payment Options

Students are encouraged to pay EACH STUDY PERIOD’S FEES IN FULL, that is, before the commencement of each study period in January and June of each year.

A study period is defined as two full terms of study or 22 weeks of study. Enrolment Application fees are non-refundable. Tuition fees will not be transferred to another educational institution.

ACOT accepts Visa and MasterCard. Any payments made by these credit cards will incur a 1% charge. There is no reduction in fees for RPL/CT students. Additional costs will be incurred if students request additional copies of documents. The College may restrict or withhold services or materials including academic results from a student in relation to courses or parts of courses which the student has participated in or completed until those fees have been paid in full. The college will not withhold any results for courses or parts of courses for which the student has paid the college in full.

Payments can be made by cash, cheque, bank cheque, draft, Visa card, MasterCard, or telegraphic transfer. Cheques and drafts should be in favour of Australian College of Trade. Please forward your payments using the following account details:

Account name: Australian College of Trade
Bank name: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
BSB number: 063-010
Account number: 11316739
Swift code: CTBAAU2S (for payments being made from Overseas bank accounts)

Students may be eligible to pay by instalments from the second study period provided they abide by the conditions set out below:

Payment of tuition fees by instalment

  1. This option does not apply where a sponsor, employer, or any other person, or organisation, pays a student’s fees and charges.
  2. The option applies only to the course tuition fees. All other fees and charges, for which the student is liable to pay, as a condition of enrolment, must be paid in full by the due date specified in the letter of offer.
  3. At least thirty percent (30%) of the annual course tuition fees must be paid by the due dates specified on the Statement of Account (that is, January and June of each year).
  4. The balance of the course tuition fees may be paid progressively in any amounts, and at times which suit each student, if the total amount is paid by no later than April, for study period 1, and September, for study period 2 course tuition fees.
  5. Extensions of time will not be granted for either the initial payment, or the final payment.
  6. If a variation to an enrolment results in an increase in the amount of course tuition fees, no extensions of time will be granted for payment of the additional fees.
  7. If a student fails to make the required payments, or has not contacted the College by the applicable due date(s) for payment, the student’s enrolment may be suspended within 14 days of the due date

Fee Protection
For tuition protection ACOT assures the security of student fees through its compliance with the requirements of the Education Services for Overseas Students Act (ESOS) and the Tuition Protection Service (TPS).

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